Energy Timeline

Below you will find a timeline created on a site called [Ed Note: Site no longer exists] This site allows us to create collaborative timelines. The grade 6 science curriculum requires us to “evaluate the impact of the use of electricity on both the way we live and the environment”, and “demonstrate an understanding of the principles of electrical energy and its transformation into and from other forms of energy”.

Using the timeline, your task is to contribute five events that examine one or both of these overall expectations. These events can explore past milestones in the energy sector (the invention of a different source of energy), environmental concerns (disasters relating to the creation or distribution of energy), the process of converting a specific form of energy into a distributable resource, or potential future energy sources.

Each one of your events must include a title, a date, a description, and at least three of the available four content fields:

Make note of the events you add. Once you have added five events, you will create a blog entry explaining their importance and justifying their inclusion on the timeline. You will need to create a username on the site before you are able to start contributing content. Once you are a user, you will be able to create content using the “Add an Event” button in the top left corner of the timeline.

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