OERB Parent Inservice

About twenty families came strolling through the computer lab this evening during the Gordon Price Open House. Armed with brochures, and sample ELO# Interactive Learning Object numbers, I shared the wealth of resources available through the Ontario Educational Resource Bank. All of the attendees were quite impressed, and I could tell a number of parents were keen to go home and start using it.

Technology is such an engaging element. I shouldn’t be surprised by this; but occasionally something occurs to bring it more soundly to the forefront. A number of times this evening, I found myself asking students (parents in tow) what they were learning about in class. That answer powered the search for an Interactive Learning Object (READ: Computer Game) to show parents how they could use the resource at home. On more than one occasion, students exiting the lab could be heard saying: “can I do this when I get home?”

“Can I further explore the concepts I’m learning about in class, at home — without coaxing or prodding — using this curriculum aligned educational resource?”

Which is great for parents struggling to find resources for website-hungry children on an internet that is all too often one click away from being inappropriate. As a teacher, the power of sending home a direct link to a resource that will help a student better understand the lesson, from a resource that can be easily searched by Ontario Expectation, is the next step.

Parents helping themselves to resources for their children is great; but teachers helping guide that search, with suggestions aligned with classroom content, is even better.

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Jared Bennett is the Student Information System Consultant at Hamilton Wentworth District School Board.

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