We have a department Twitter account. The idea behind this account is not as a primary means of communication — we trust as the board moves towards the adoption of myHWDSB as a communication platform, that answers to questions you have about our department, the services we provide, and the ways you can leverage those services, will be found within our department page on that site.

The Twitter account is an attempt to differentiate for a wider audience of colleagues, both within the board, and beyond. We will attempt, within our tweets, and within the lists of other Twitter users we curate, to create a model account of sorts, to help people looking to explore this tool as a means to cultivate a Personal Learning Network, to find other HWDSB accounts, to find accounts from influential education intellectuals, and to connect with other individuals traveling the same professional learning path.

We dig Twitter. We use it to learn something new everyday from a vast community of international co-learners. We think it’s a great way to broaden your learning network.

We will attempt to abide by the following policy:

If you include “HWDSB” or some reference to the board within your profile or your username, we will follow you and attempt to categorize you within one of our lists. If we follow you, you should expect the possibility that we will retweet you to our followers: just as we teach the students good digital citizenship, we must also be mindful of our own contributions to this public stage, in which we never really know who might comprise our audience.

If you feel we have listed you incorrectly, or would rather not be followed, you can @mention our account and request a change or removal.

If you have questions about Twitter, what better place to ask then on Twitter. Find us @HWDSB21CL

Published by jarbenne

Jared Bennett is the Student Information System Consultant at Hamilton Wentworth District School Board.

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