I need you to tell Google something for me…

We are trying to “Go Google” in the HWDSB. This would be far easier if the Admin interface lived up to the “Enterprise” level tool Google Apps is purported to be.

I know that there are numerous organizations that have gone this route, and I can only assume have made compromises to do so. What I’m asking for isn’t hard: I want teachers to be able to change student passwords. I want the ability to leverage this functionality in more granular ways, based on the groups I create in the admin panel.

If you are a Google Apps admin, can you send this text in a support message and help me move this mountain:

“There are still huge gaps in the Admin panel re: provisioning additional admin features on specific users. A superadmin should be able to grant these capabilities within sub-groups, and not as blanket rights on the entire domain. The fact that a “help desk admin” could potentially change a superadmin password, access the account, and delete the entire instance of Google Apps for the domain, is completely broken.”

Published by jarbenne

Jared Bennett is the Student Information System Consultant at Hamilton Wentworth District School Board.

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