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Here we go. Round two in my charge to acquire the IICT Specialist qualifications. Anyone who followed along on the first course may have detected a (mild) hint of disdain at the dated nature of the content. Those who know me from more than this platform can attest that my disdain is rarely “mild” (I get myself in trouble sometimes).

I am happy to report that this experience has been far more rewarding than the first round. It would seem that ETFO recognized that an AQ created to help teachers integrate current technology into practice should probably include some mention of current technology. Not only is this instructor on Twitter @mrmuzzdog, but he has established a course hashtag, has a blog, and is promoting the use of blogging as a reflective tool throughout the process of the course. Three cheers for authentic tools, and introducing concepts that will help teachers join the online conversation around digital tools and resources,  and an instructor who is walking the walk.

The content of the course is sync’ing up with a number of current items on my plate. Talk of a policy links directly to the work we have been doing around establishing a 21st Century Learning and Technology Policy for HWDSB. It’s great to see what other school boards use to dictate acceptable use. Although I’ve seen it before, I like the fact that the course is integrating OSAPAC resources (Bitstrips for Schools is a great tool, and worthy of being hi-lit in a course) rather than teaching us how to use an ancient version of MS Word.¬†Including discussions about moving from a computer lab to a computers in the classroom-style set up is an old discussion, but still a pertinent one in a system that still perpetuates that computer lab model in most schools .

I’m glad ETFO has recognized the need to update this course to reflect the quickly changing landscape of technology, and how it fits into the classroom. I like the idea that I can use my blog to reflect on the course and it isn’t an extra piece, but can be used within the confines of the expectations. I’m looking forward to continuing.

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Jared Bennett is the Student Information System Consultant at Hamilton Wentworth District School Board.

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  1. Great reflection! This is my third year teaching the course and I shuddered to think of it running again on a course written 4 years ago! So much has changed/is changing/will change. I’m pleased the “new” course I drafted last Fall is now going, but did not make the Winter course deadline.
    My goal was to leapfrog it beyond where the next step for the course should have been, to push the envelope. Your comments help confirm that it was a step in the right direction. I’m pleased to see that you feel you’re learning things, even though you already have a rich set of integration experiences.
    Keep the feedback coming!

    1. Agreed! I’ve taught the IICTI Part 1 – 3 times now and it’s changed so much each time. I’m completing the writing of Part 2 and am looking forward to giving that a whirl in September. It’s blended through Laurier – I guess you are doing it all online?


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