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Google has come out with some snappy new templates that you can use in the different tools within Google Drive. The problem is that they are quite difficult to get at from an iOS device. On a laptop, in a browser, they pop up as an option when you create a new slideshow, but in the app, you are stuck with the blank, boring default template.

I trust that soon this will be rectified with a Google Slides app update, but in the meantime, I’ve been playing with a workaround:

  • I created a copy of each one of the templates and put them in a Google Drive folder called Google Slide Templates (creative, eh?)
  • I made that folder Available so anyone on the internet can VIEW those templates. This will allow you look through the templates to decide which one you like
  • I created a separate document in that folder called Make a Copy and listed all the theme names with their share link
  • I changed the end of the URL provided by Google Drive from Edit to Copy. This will automatically create a copy of the presentation in your Google Slides folder

The one functionality I was hoping for was the ability to force that copy open in the app, rather than in the browser. Once you create a copy of the template you want, you need to close the browser and go into the Google Slides app to edit the presentation. I had hoped that changing the https:// to googleslides:// would pull this off, but it seems I can’t force open the app, and force create a copy at the same time.

Here’s the Google Doc with the copy links:

Props to @hdoyle0483 for the inspiration to find a solution.

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