The video below was posted on YouTube in late December 2010.

Since then, famous film critic Roger Ebert has blogged about it, proclaiming it’s Oscar-worthiness. In that blog post, Ebert references Dziga Vertov’s 1929 silent classic “Man With a Movie Camera” which I have also included below.

Suggested Prompt Questions

What does this film make you think about?

What message do you think the film maker is trying to convey?

Compare the two movies: do you agree that the newer film is inspired by the older? What are some similarities and differences you see in the film’s message, the film’s technique.

How does the music in the new movie affect your understanding of the message? Do you “view” the movie differently if you watch it with the sound ¬†off?

Tag your responses “blizzard” to allow us to aggregate and respond

Another OK GO video

OK GO has become known for their highly creative (and incredibly intricate) music video productions. This stop motion animation was created on pieces of toast. It’s certainly worth a look. Having created a few stop motion features with other classes, I can certainly appreciate how this video was created, but cannot fathom drawing on the 2000+ pieces of bread that went into this production.

Worst Oil Spill in History

The oil spill currently threatening the southern coast of the United States is one of the worst in history.

According to the graphic above, accidents like this seem to be getting worse and worse as time goes on. This spill threatens to force a number of endangered species into extinction, along with seriously affecting the seafood “crop” for the years ahead.

Given what you have learned about alternative sources of energy, what message do you want to send to the leaders of today. Will this disaster finally be the trigger that inspires corporations and world leaders to work towards curtailing out dependence on oil? Is anyone using this as a launching pad for discussion about ending out dependence on oil as an energy source? Explore what other news agencies are reporting regarding the serious nature of this spill and comment accordingly.