Be it resolved…

Every year we are asked to “look inward” and resolve to make changes. This is an important activity regardless of the time of year; we should “resolve” to make small changes daily, weekly, and monthly: rather than once a year. I’m not saying you should not make a New Year’s Resolution: what better time than the present to resolve/decide to change something for the better? If you have not made a New Year’s Resolution, make one now, and blog about what you have decided to do this year that is different than how you have carried on in the past.

Make your resolution attainable. Make it a short term goal. Sweeping statements invoking 180 degree turns in habits and attitudes rarely stick (why set yourself up for failure).

Once you have identified your own resolution, make a resolution for the world. How would you like to see others change as we enter this new decade? Using our Blogging template…

1) Start with a reaction.

2) Back up that reaction with points of proof.

3) Provide solutions, conclusions, or further questions for inquiry.

… react to the video below. What does it make you think about? What would you write on your hand as a collaborator on a project like this? Why would the world be a better place if we were all empathetic?

New Adventure

Welcome to a new space designed to help create connections among student authors and readers, through shared literary experience. We hope to create opportunities to discuss books, muse about media texts, or share creative work in a safe, educational space.

Given that mandate, a climate of high expectations abounds. Use care when publishing work, when contributing to forums, and when commenting on the output of other writers: when we are all submitting our best, we must also strive to be kind and constructive in our responses to the work of our fellow authors. When we share our writing, we open ourselves up to scrutiny, in the hopes of gaining praise.